Supportive Access Program

Supportive Access Program

Program Prerequisite: Aboriginal families referred through MCFD who are on a Temporary Custody Order working to meet the requirements of their family plan, and who require supported access.

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Program Description

Sexual Abuse Intervention Program Icon The program is designed to provide families with a safe, supported and culturally relevant environment to have access to each other. The program offers supported visits in Hulitan visit spaces or in community, where children and parents can visit in a safe environment. The Supportive Access Worker will provide strengths-based feedback to the family and MCFD based on a holistic view of family interaction.


program icon box The philosophy of the Supportive Access Program is to offer a strength-based approach and supports that foster healthy attachment between parents and children by providing a safe, supported, and culturally relevant environment for families to have access to each other.

Needs Addressed

program icon eagle • Safe, culturally relevant space for families to have access to each other
• Support and monitoring to promote safe, child focused visits
• Reports to MCFD based on a holistic, child focused, view of family interaction
• Strengths-based parenting skills feedback
• Referrals to culturally relevant community supports


program icon wolf•To provide Aboriginal families with a safe, supported and culturally relevant space in which healthy attachment can be fostered.
• To empower Aboriginal parents; through role modeling, strengths-based feedback, and opportunity, to demonstrate increased parenting capacity
• To provide Aboriginal families with the supported environment necessary to meet the goals of their family plan
• To be a community resource that supports Aboriginal families whose children are in care to be reunited


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Your Rights & Responsbilities

As a Community member you have certain Rights and Responsibilites while participating in the Programs at Hulitan. These commitments help our staff and you, to be successful.

Code of Ethics

All counselors abide by two Codes of Ethics, the Traditional Native Code of Ethics, as well as, the British Columbia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Grievance Policy & Appeals

The Society maintains a , Grievance Policy and Appeals Process by which a client can file a grievance, without any retaliation or barriers to services. All concerns are important to us.

Supportive Access
Program Contacts

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Supportive Access Worker
Christine Jones