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Intensive Parent Support Program

Participant Prerequisite:   Aboriginal parents referred by the Ministry of Children and Family Development.

Program Description

kwenanlatel intensive parent support program iconKwen'an'latel Intensive Parent Support Program was designed specifically by the local Aboriginal community to meet the needs of Aboriginal parents/caregivers. This program provides the first and only mandated Aboriginal parenting program in the Greater Victoria area. The information provided is cultural and relevant to the circumstances in which we live today. Kwen’an’latel is a 3 stage mandated parenting program for Aboriginal parents/caregivers who have had their children removed by the Ministry of Children and Family Development (MCFD).

This program operates under a closed intake MCFD referral process.  Download Referral Form.mcfd referral form download

Program Stages

program icon misc Stage one is the stabilization stage where the parent’s needs and presenting issues are assessed in order to provide the client with support and resources to stabilize in preparation for the intensive components of Stage 2.

Stage two is the parenting skills and education component which allows the parent to strengthen their parenting skills and knowledge. It also provides the Family Development Worker with an opportunity to observe the parent’s progress. Upon completion of this stage and the return of the children, the client moves to Stage 3.

Stage three is the maintenance component of the program (minimum 3 months). During this component the Family Development Worker meets with the client in the home to continue the skills development and aid in the re-unification process of the family.


program icon box The philosophy of this program is to provide “at-risk" Aboriginal families experiencing MCFD involvement with an opportunity to enhance their parenting skills and knowledge through a traditional approach to healing. .

Needs Addressed

program icon eagle • Abuse/neglect to children
• Addiction
• Parenting skill developement
• Mental Health
• Homelessness
• Violence

Program Services

program icon orca The Kwen'an'latel program provides information from an Aboriginal perspective on the following topics:
• Telling Our Stories, Self Awareness
• Addictions & Parenting
• Colonization & Residential School Healing
• Trauma & Parenting
• Communication Skills and Boundary Setting
• Breaking the Cycle of Violence
• Grief & Loss
• Positive Parenting & Child Development
• Life Skills and Budgeting
• Nutrition
• Creative Discipline
• Home Maintenance
• Self-Care & Identity


program icon wolf•Increase parenting skills and knowledge among Aboriginal families.
• Increase understanding of the risks / behaviours that impact the safety of children
• Support families to maintain / strengthen their cultural identity.
• Provide cultural and holistic supports to heal from the intergenerational effects of colonization and residential schools.


program icon salmon• Participants skills and awareness will increase to effectively parent their children.
• Participants will gain an increased understanding of the risks / behaviours that impact the safety of their children.

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Your Rights & Responsbilities

As a Community member you have certain Rights and Responsibilites while participating in the Programs at Hulitan. These commitments help our staff and you, to be successful.

Code of Ethics

All counselors abide by two Codes of Ethics, the Traditional Native Code of Ethics, as well as, the British Columbia Association of Social Workers Code of Ethics.

Grievance Policy & Appeals

The Society maintains a , Grievance Policy and Appeals Process by which a client can file a grievance, without any retaliation or barriers to services. All concerns are important to us.

Intensive Parent Support Program Contacts

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